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Health Care in America: Should We Cover the Uninsured?

Do you know what makes you think about your health care plan? Needing it. Health care has been a popular topic this past year with the pandemic. Unemployment rates soared, and, with those numbers, many people are uninsured. In this Millennial Minute, our guests are Turning Point USA spokesperson Isabel Brown and author of “Here She Is” Hilary Levey Friedman. They don’t necessarily disagree that citizens should have health care coverage in a pandemic. But where they disagree is the role of government programs in the future. 

The woes of temporary government programs

While many people are uninsured during these challenging times, Brown says that temporary government solutions cause more harm than good. On the same note, Friedman acknowledges that when people receive temporary government assistance, they don’t want it to be taken away. But she also believes that people shouldn’t have to go without health coverage. What now? 

Common ground: a hybrid system

One thing that people can agree on in this country: Our health care system isn’t the best. And in the spirit of finding common ground, Brown and Friedman also agree that our nation’s health care system should be a hybrid with less red tape and bureaucracy. Is there even a good solution out there? Watch the full debate, and then let us know your thoughts in the comments section. 

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