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Show and Tell

Here’s the Ultimate CES 2021 Unboxing!

Welcome back to Show and Tell, where Peter Salib unboxes sweet tech for every area of your life. In this episode, we have the ultimate unboxing as Salib showcases the top winners from the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show. (For a rundown of the greatest tech from last year’s show, click here.) If you don’t know about CES, it’s a global technology event where high-profile developers and innovators can show off their cutting-edge inventions while checking out their peers. This year, there were nearly 2,000 exhibitors, and Salib checks out 10 of the best.

1. TROVA GO+plus Smart Storage Device

TROVA’s tiny, aluminum alloy storage device allows you to hide things in plain sight, including jewelry, vapes, prescriptions and all other small objects you’d like to keep safe. It has biometric capabilities and alerts you when it’s out of range.

2. Shower Power by Ampere

Do you feel weird about having electricity in your shower? This hydropower shower speaker is fully powered by water. It’s also made from 100% recycled ocean plastic and fits on your showerhead.

3. SMASH Smart Projector by WooBloo

Are TVs going out of style? With this smart projector, you can watch movies in 1080p with 360-degree sound. Connect via Bluetooth or Airplay and settle in for a relaxing movie night. It also has capabilities for artificial intelligence (Alexa) and human intelligence (24/7 concierge desk). 

4. M1 and P1 by Puripot

Your own tiny molecule cleaners. The M1 and P1 are models of air sterilizers and humidifiers invented by Puripot. They use blue light technology. They’re designed to work on the go and cover 15 square meters. There is no replacement filter, so you can keep your air clean for as long as you want.

5. UTS-1 Wireless Charger by Kew Labs

Are you tired of too many wires on your cluttered desk? This wireless charger by Kew Labs charges through wood, glass, plastic, marble, granite and quartz. Install the tech in your desk drawer, and you’ll be able to set your phone next to your computer for a quick charge. 

6. Vespera Observation Station by Vaonis

Look up once in a while. The Vespera is “the perfect combination of a telescope and a camera.” This smart, portable and fully automated device allows you to experience and learn about the night sky.

7. Smart Lighting Products by Twinkly

Decorative lights are the newest trend. Twinkly lights are WiFi-enabled LED lights that you can control and customize from an app. They released a new line this year. Twinkly Line is a 100-bulb strip; Twinkly Flex can contour to any area or shape; Twinkly Squares is a flat of pixels that you can program to display anything.

8. TactSuit X40 Wireless Haptic Vest by bHaptics

It’s a new type of immersive experience. This lag-free wireless haptic vest helps immerse you even more into your PC, VR, mobile and console games. With 40 haptic points, you literally can feel games, movies and music. 

9. CareOS Themis Smart Mirror by Baracoda

Smart mirrors are stepping onto the scene. This smart mirror can give you temperature and vitals checks, hair and makeup tutorials, skin analysis and more. CareOS is a private and intuitive platform for your health data. 

10. WOWCube Gaming System

Step aside, Rubik’s cube. This STEM-certified gaming system “allows you to interact with the digital world like it is a real object.” Tilt, tap, shake and twist the WOWCube to complete puzzles and arcade games. You can even create your own games on the open platform.

We can’t wait until CES 2022. In the meantime, check out Bold TV and Grit Daily for more Show and Tell. Salib will be back soon with more tech unboxing, but check out previous videos here until then.

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