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Show and Tell

Lockly Smart Lock: It’s the Future of Home Security

Welcome back to Show and Tell, where Peter Salib unboxes sweet tech for every area of your life. More and more companies are creating home security products. Why? They’re in demand. People will do whatever it takes to keep themselves and their families safe. So, on this episode, we unbox a high-tech invention: the LOCKLY Vision™ Doorbell Camera Smart Lock. This device was an honoree for the Innovation Award at CES, so let’s see how the smart lock checks out.

Different ways to unlock your LOCKLY Vision™

One of the common issues with keypad entry is that experienced people could see where your fingers have smudged certain numbers. But this device has a patented PIN Genie® touchscreen that randomly shuffles the numbers’ locations. There will be no way to backtrack and determine your code. Any unsuccessful attempts will be recorded and saved. The Vision also has biometric entry; if you don’t want to remember a PIN, use your fingerprint! Worst case scenario, Vision still allows the old-fashioned key entry. 

Temporary codes for extra home security

What if you need your delivery driver to place your package inside? What if your friend, family member or babysitter needs to get into the house? Vision has Generate Offline Access™ technology. You can set temporary PIN codes that expire within a specific period of time. Then, you can track how that code was used. And your regular PIN won’t be floating around for someone to find.

Extra functionality

Like every smart product these days, the Vision also integrates with your smart home products, such as Alexa and Google Home. Tell your virtual assistant to lock or unlock your doors whenever you want. Also, the Vision has an HD camera for added home security. You’ll be able to see live streaming footage of what’s happening outside your front door – whether people are stealing your packages or checking your locks. What else can the LOCKLY Vision™ Doorbell Camera Smart Lock do? Check out the full unboxing video.

Check out Bold TV and Grit Daily for more Show and Tell. Salib will be back soon to unbox more tech, but check out previous videos here until then.

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