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American-Made Goods: Trending or Tanking?

Are American-made goods trending or tanking? Authentically American is a veteran-owned, American-made premium apparel brand. As a three-year-old business, they weren’t sure how they would survive the pandemic and shutdowns. But in the last year, they’ve seen a 50% increase in sales; that number is projected to double in the coming year. What does this mean for American-made apparel as well as small businesses across the country? Check out the interview for more. 

Is American-made apparel the new trend? Do you ever think about buying American when you go shopping? Bold TV guest Dean Wegner said when he graduated from West Point in 1993, over 50% of the apparel in the U.S. was made in the U.S. Now, he says that number is less than 3%. It’s hard to say exactly if American-made clothing’s nationwide demand is increasing, but Wegner’s brand Authentically American is seeing an unmistakable uptick in popularity and sales. Maybe people are seeking out this higher quality. Or maybe they want to support American-made jobs. 

Staying open in a pandemic

How have small businesses even survived this pandemic? When everything shut down last year, no one could know that businesses would have to stay closed for this long. Even the biggest companies were forced into layoffs. For Authentically American, the Payment Protection Program (PPP) was a “God-send.” So, the future seems to be bright for this small business and American-made apparel.

Does this change your perception of buying imported goods or shopping big business? Let us know in the comments.

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