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4 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Say I Love You, Dad!

Are you last-minute shopping for dear old Dad? We’ve all been there! But, no worries, Bold Life’s Shaysayss is here with four last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas. These gifts say, “I love you, Dad,” and also “Practice some self-care.”

1. Cologne

One of the classic Father’s Day gifts is cologne. It’s tried and true, and one bottle will last your dad years. So, head to your nearest Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s or local small business to pick out a manly scent. Remember to keep the gift receipt!

2. Skincare

When we think of skincare, we don’t immediately think of our dads. But dads need healthy skin, too! Your gift could be the perfect opportunity to help Dad with a routine. Sephora and Ulta carry skincare brands with lines for men, such as Jack Black, Clinique and Kiehl’s. And if your dad has facial hair, you could buy him moisturizing products such as beard oil, which you could find at local artisan shops.

3. Massage gun

One product for aching joints and muscles is a massage gun. Amazon has prices ranging from $30 to $200, and if you’re a Prime member, you’ll get last-minute shipping perks! But if you would rather shop small and get your gift a little late, you could try Achedaway

4. Spa treatment

When was the last time Dad got pampered? Hey, people love massages, and dads may not admit it, but some of them like mani-pedis, too. And it’s a good last-minute Father’s Day gift, as you can check out your local spa or salon and book an appointment.

Holidays like Father’s Day put a lot of pressure on finding the perfect gift to say “I love you.” But, cliche or not, most dads will appreciate the gift because you gave it. Are you last-minute shopping this year? Did you order online or shop locally? Let us know in the comments. 

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