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Because Moms Deserve the Best: Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Did you know that more flowers get delivered on Mother’s Day than Valentine’s Day? It’s a big event, and flowers are often the go-to for celebrating Mom. But here are some unique Mother’s Day gifts that would make her happy.

5 Mother’s Day gifts for the mom who has everything

  1. Handbag illuminator. I need this one! Most women have at least one purse that’s big enough to carry our whole house, and we swear the lip gloss is in there somewhere. This light automatically turns on when the purse is shaken and cuts down the search for the necessities.
  2. Smart jewelry. Some people like jewelry that can be worn in different ways, but did you know about smart jewelry? They all track exercises and sleep; some can even alert you when you’ve been inactive for too long.
  3. Disappearing drawing boards. We all need to calm down once in a while, especially mothers. These drawing boards could give Mom a moment of zen. They technically aren’t tech as they use only water. They’re like the classic Etch A Sketch but with no chemicals or ink. Your water drawing fades after a few minutes making you feel the present.
  4. High-end hairdryer. Here’s something Mom uses for sure: a hairdryer. It can be from Dry Bar, Dyson or Harry Josh, but it doesn’t have to be. The important thing is that there are several heat settings, which make different looks easy to create: Some go for volume, and some want slickness. It’s a bonus if the hairdryer is travel-friendly.
  5. DNA testing kit. Parents like to know their family trees. If that’s the case with your mom, then a DNA testing kit would do the trick. At a minimum, it’ll show her country of origin and migration path. The FDA also approved the use of these at-home tests for screening genetic risks. And it’s simple: You mail everything at once, and you’re done.

Add flowers as a bonus gift.

All right, you got the gifts. Don’t forget the flowers. The most liked flowers in America are roses, lilies, daisies and orchids. Make sure Mom feels the love on her special day, whether you’re right next door or across the country!

Need more ideas? Check out our holiday gift guide here.

*Hannah Buczek contributed to this article.

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