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When Will the Tech World Finally Start Looking Diverse?

Why is there still a lack of diversity in the tech world? Abner Larrieux, the founder of Alacriti Analytics and Diversity Accelerator Tech Summit, recently talked with Bold TV about this issue and how his platform helps founders professionally establish themselves. Regarding supporting underrepresented people in the tech world, Larrieux highlights the necessity for a collective voice in order to create genuine, positive change.

The problem: lack of diversity

There is an evident lack of diversity in the tech world. Structural inequities — for example, biases and the old boys’ network —  have blocked certain groups (people of color and/or women) from professionally excelling. Many tech founders have innovative ideas but have few networks and resources to execute them fully. According to Larrieux, underrepresented founders receive less than 1% of venture capital funding.

The solution: connecting underrepresented founders

Alacriti Analytics is a Software as a Service (SaaS) based enterprise platform. One of their objectives is to connect underrepresented founders — such as minority and women-owned businesses — to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. These powerful groups can assist them in accessing contracts, opportunities and capital. In addition, the founders can make powerful relationships with those organizations. 

Diversity Tech Summit

The Diversity Tech Summit, an all-day virtual event, was established after pivotal social movements that occurred in 2020. In its journey to address the lack of diversity, one of its goals is to diminish the concept of “us versus them” and create a “we” mindset in regards to solving economic justice issues. And it strives to educate future entrepreneurs and venture capitalist leaders. They recently partnered with the Eagle Academy Foundation, a non-profit that “empowers at-risk inner city young men to realize their academic and civic potential.”

Alacriti and the inaugural conference are building an ecosystem and community to give underrepresented founders and entrepreneurs a support system and network. Larrieux argues that “if we solve for underrepresented founders, you really solve for the entire … industry.” To sign up, click here.

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