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Who Knew TikTok Could Break Up YouTube and VidCon?

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Move over YouTube; TikTok is coming for you. VidCon, one of the most popular social media conferences, is an event that thousands of children and young adults look forward to every year. What keeps drawing the crowd? Internet influencers can get to know their fans, befriend other creators and learn more about their field. And fans can talk with their idols and make friends with those who also love watching internet content. The beloved convention recently announced that TikTok is now the primary sponsor of VidCon 2021. YouTube had been the title sponsor since 2013, but they’re in the backseat now.

Aftermath of the sponsorship shift 

The shift in lead sponsorship reflects a large shift in the creator economy- more platforms are reaching — if not exceeding —YouTube’s popularity. But not every creator and viewer is happy about it.

YouTuber Adam McIntyre was disappointed, calling VidCon 2021 “the dark ages” 

Arcade Matt and Jamie Rogers added humor to their sadness.

Taylor Lorenz, a technology reporter for The New York Times, expressed her disbelief.

Social media fans didn’t shy away on Twitter, of course.

But some internet users are excited about the news, especially Dave Jorgenson, who’s known for running The Washington Post’s TikTok account.

What can TikTok do as the main sponsor of VidCon 2021?

As the primary sponsor, TikTok will have talent and executives taking part in VidCon’s three tracks: Community, Creator and Industry. In addition, it has the keynote address position and receives sponsorships for some expo hall stages at the convention center. 

What’s the story behind VidCon?

Hank and John Green, veteran YouTubers, created VidCon in 2010 for all internet creators to get to know one another and fans. But until 2019, when TikTok gained traction, the main platform highlighted at the event was YouTube (not including a brief Vine era).

The race between YouTube and TikTok to be the most innovative video platform and grab the most viewers’ attention will only intensify. But Hank Green told Forbes, “To me, VidCon is not that much about video … It’s about people on the internet building communities.” 

To learn more about the upcoming event, check out the VidCon 2021 website here.

How do feel about all the drama between social media platforms? Let us know in the comments.

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