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JustKibbitz Online Dating: This Is So Clever

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Humor has a way of getting right to the point in the most straightforward ways. For this reason, Jeffery Kaplan, founder of JustKibbitz, uses a hilariously truthful video on his website to promote his online Jewish dating site.  

In the video, a Jewish yenta chops an eggplant with a meat cleaver. No mother wants her daughter to be subjected to unwelcome veggie pics, and it’s this premise that has JustKibbitz soaring far above other dating sites. 

Powered by Maternal Intelligence (MI)

While the message is delivered in a funny manner, the details are incredibly accurate. For instance, 60% of females who access online dating sites say they have received lewd photos.

Kaplan boasts that his site is powered by MI rather than AI, confirming that Maternal Intelligence is far more accurate. And we all know there’s nothing artificial about a Jewish yenta and her intelligence. Admit it: There have been very few times in life when mother didn’t know best. Why wouldn’t she be the obvious determiner when it comes to choosing dating partners for her children?

The dangers of online dating

Let’s talk about the safety aspect of online dating. According to a survey from the Pew Research Center, Americans have mixed views about online dating safety. While over half of Americans think dating sites are safe, it’s the other 46% that worries an online date could mean trouble. JustKibbitz has this problem covered. It’s not likely a person with evil intentions would access a site where moms choose the partners. Beyond this detail, the dates are simple: no-pressure coffee house meet-ups, just how Mom likes them.

The survey also says that women are more likely than men to look for certain essential information in a profile. This detail indicates that women, including yentas, are much more thorough and particular when perusing profiles. This also means your mother will be incredibly attentive when putting your best assets onto the site. After all, she knows that other choosy, profile-scouring yentas are sizing you up.

Here’s how it works

  1. Mom creates your profile, and you give consent for it to be uploaded to the site.
  2. Yentas and even dads search through the possibilities until they find the perfect match.
  3. Mom pays for Starbucks gift cards that are sent to each participant.
  4. Mom sets up the meeting.
  5. You go, and you have a great time because Mother really does know best.

Sounds easy and fun, right? It’s OK to have reservations, but lots of positives outshine them.

Positive #1 

You obviously don’t have a great track record when choosing the right person to date. Your single status was a dead giveaway. It’s time to let someone else who is entirely objective find the right person for you. You might not know it, but the “type” you’ve been choosing all these years probably is the wrong type for you. Your mom can help you get out of that rut. 

Positive #2 

One of the reasons people fail at online dating is when expectations don’t meet reality. In Yiddish, kibbitz means chit-chat. And that’s all the expectation Mother has intended. With JustKibbitz, both parties know what they are getting – no disappointments and no unfulfilled expectations. No planning, no stressing over expectations, not even any money spent out of your pocket.

Positive #3

Yenta wants grandchildren, and she has completely lost faith in you. At the very least, you make her happy and go on a free coffee date. At best, you could meet your soulmate and start working on those grandbabies of yenta’s dreams.

Yes! It’s time

Let’s face it: If you’re attracting the eggplant pics or attracting those who want them, it’s time to let your yenta take charge. Nobody has any more time for nonsense. Who can go wrong with a date filled with coffee and chit-chat? After all, it’s no pressure – just kibbitz!

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