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Here’s Why TikTok’s Ad Model Is Better Than Instagram’s

instagram and tiktok
By bigtunaonline on Deposit Photos

It’s clear social media is a part of our everyday routine. We wake up and immediately check the latest news on Twitter or see what our friends are up to on Instagram. We can’t help but incorporate social media in our lives because it was designed to be that way. For some, social media is more than that. For example, Instagram is an amazing tool for personal brands and for businesses to gain attention. But their ad model has people using the app less. Replacing what was once the notifications tab with a shopping tab has people wondering if the social media app has lost its groove. Enter TikTok.

Out with the Instagram, in with the TikTok

Instagram’s emphasis on selling to its audience has users shifting their time to a more user-friendly, relaxed app called TikTok. Popular among those of the Millennial and Gen-Z population, TikTok has taken over all social media.

What makes TikTok more appealing to users?

To put it simply: their algorithm. Instagram’s algorithm is designed to optimize targeted ads to their users, which, for businesses, is an amazing feature. However, it has proven to be overwhelming for some users who want to see more content from those they follow. So, TikTok’s algorithm is a bit different. Their ad model is subtle; ads are incorporated within the feed as videos. Anyone watching would have to focus hard enough to notice. Instagram has made breakthroughs in its business model, but is TikTok revolutionizing the game of ads across all social media?

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