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What Is the Hive Social App? The Buzz Surrounding It Practically Grew Overnight

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If you’re a Millennial, then you probably remember the nostalgic Myspace. Now, enter Hive Social. The buzz around this new social media app practically grew overnight, and it stood at no. 1 on the App Store earlier this month. Somehow, Hive has gained Gen Z’s attention, propelling itself into popularity even in its early stages.

What is Hive?

The social media platform was developed in 2019 by 22-year-old CEO Kassandra Pop.

Hive ties together all the features that are most loved by users on Twitter, Instagram and even Myspace. Users can create status updates, post videos and photos, repost content and even have a personalized music section on your profile (a nostalgic feature from the Myspace days).

The home feed also will be chronological and lets users post links in their captions. And unlike the ad model of Instagram, Hive allows its users to do the advertising. Users choose what they want to promote through posted links. Hive also has sections for specific topics of interest, like fashion. Users can find all the hashtags related to the topic and explore other people’s profiles.

Why is Hive appealing to Gen Z?

Hive has the potential to be everything Gen Z wants in a social media platform, all in one place. What was the basis of their popularity? They paid a TikTok user to promote them, and then a popular One Direction account (@1DPsychic) tweeted about them. This is when they “caught the attention of Stan Twitter.”


Reuploading because I forgot to put #ad in my caption 😅 Follow Hive on Twitter @TheHIVE_Social #greenscreen

♬ original sound – ee-MAH-nee

Now, Hive has partnered with Google Cloud, which means the app has the capability of hosting even more users than before, without crashing. Unfortunately, the app won’t be available to Android users until later this year. If you have an iPhone, you can download the app now and try it out yourself! 

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