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5 Tips on How to Choose a Good Sushi Bar

5 Tips on How to Choose a Good Sushi Bar
Photo by Vinicius Benedit on Unsplash
    1. It’s all in the color of the fish.  Walk by the sushi bar and survey the fish selection. If the Maguro tuna is not bright, deep colored burgundy  like the photo below then it might not be the freshest. The fish should have a bit of a shine on it from the fish oil and the Maguro fish should not be dull colored.


    1. If you choose to dine in an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet then it better be super busy. In fact, if you are the only  person at an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant then I recommend you turn around and walk out. I have done this before. Why? If you are the only person at the buffet the fish product may not be moving fast enough from the sushi bar to the customer and it may not be fresh.


    1. Check the your local health department on the grade of the restaurant. In Los Angeles, the health department requires the restaurant posts letter grades on how they are upholding the public health department standards.


    1. Ask your server if they have any fresh fish that was flown in recently. Start a dialogue with the server to find out how often fish is arriving at the restaurant. If you live near an international airport, ask who picks up the fish or whether it was delivered. Always order the freshest fish possible.


  1. Check and see if it is Zagat rated. Also, read online listings such as Yelp, Google reviews, Facebook or Trip Advisor.  There will always be a few customers who complain about anything but I figure 80% ( 4 out of 5 stars) and higher means it’s pretty good. I like to read the most recent reviews from customers and go back a few years for consistency. We tried Sushi Ran  in Sausalito, California because of the Zagat rating and the online reviews a few months ago. The sushi was innovative, delicious and fresh.


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