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Katniss Everdeen Is the Feminist Action Heroine We’ve Been Waiting For

Photo by Niklas Tidbury on Unsplash

“The Hunger Games” franchise has made more than $2.5 billion and established Jennifer Lawrence as a superstar. What’s even more significant is the feminist weight its protagonist carries. Katniss Everdeen is the heroine we’ve been waiting for.

Standing out in a world of male-centric films (think “Harry Potter,” “Star Wars,” “The Avengers,” etc.), “The Hunger Games” is the first huge action franchise that centers on a woman. How awesome.

What’s even better? Katniss is a nuanced character who can both kick ass in battle and become a great mom.

One of the small ways Katniss influences her nation Panem is by her hairstyle—-girls in all the districts start wearing a braid because she did in the games. Let’s hope little girls in future generations will similarly admire Katniss the character, by learning from her strength, passion and courage.

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