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Pandering or Actually Caring?

Since the beginning of time, politicians have used political pandering to get people on their side. In more modern times, Americans have been able to keep their wits about them and see right through this tactic. With the upcoming election right around the corner, we can’t help but wonder if both presidential candidates genuinely care about their citizens or not. The Black Lives Matter movement has seen its most traction in recent months than ever before. Some would argue that Vice President Joe Biden picked a woman of color solely for gaining votes. Others assume that President Donald Trump is pandering for the female population votes by nominating a woman for the open Supreme Court seat. Whichever way you look at it, the American people deserve someone who actually wants to help those in need and not someone who is faking it for votes.

What’s more important than pandering for votes?

Patrice Onwuka, a senior policy analyst from Independent Women’s Voice, made a valid point in regards to the potential nominee for whoever replaces Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She claims that gender is not an important factor when it comes to finding a replacement. What is important is that whoever takes this position has the credentials to do so. Not only should they be meeting basic qualifications, but they also should be selfless. This kind of mentality should be the norm when it comes to politics. Instead of pandering to one community for votes, actually make a difference and help said community with the issues they struggle with the most.

Is it possible to have politics without pandering?

On the other hand, it is quite hard for these politicians to do something and not make it seem like they are pandering for votes. Author Jenna Arnold argues that it isn’t necessarily pandering for votes when it comes to putting people in positions of power that are not typically heard. For example, Kamala Harris serving as Joe Biden’s Vice President is about giving voice to women, especially women of color. Biden recognizes that the female voice isn’t listened to, and he did everything in his power to give that community a voice. Pandering is inevitable, but as long as they actually make a positive impact and not just empty promises, the American people will be alright.

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