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How to Get Abs Without Working Out

The quarantine 15 is real, and it came for just about every single person in America. We all want a perfectly sculpted body and nice abs, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. But what if it was? Dr. Jennifer Berman has developed a nonsurgical body-sculpting procedure that builds muscle and burns fat. This is the same technology that is found in MRI scans, but instead of using the magnet for imaging, it is being used for sculpting. One session of Emsculpt contracts the entire abdominal muscle so it is as though you have “done” 20,000 crunches. Berman explains that this one-of-a-kind technology is unlike anything else the body-sculpting industry has seen before.

Different bodies, different results

An important takeaway about Emsculpt is that it will have different results for different body types. For example, if you have a delicate and sleek kind of body shape, this procedure will show results best for you. When you use Emsculpt on a narrow and thin body type, you see toning results instantly after your first session. Even if you are not technically “fit,” but are by no means overweight, this still can work for you. Lots of clients just can’t find the time to work out within their daily routine. Emsculpt does the workout for you. Bodies that are looking for their fat to just instantly disappear will be quite disappointed. Berman goes on to explain that this will not magically erase fat on a body but instead tones what is already there.

No workout, no problem

This technology targets the areas you want to improve. At home, do-it-yourself technology just will not contract the muscle as well as Emsculpt does. The four treatments you get are far more advanced than any other product on the market. These results last for one full year, even if you do nothing but sit at home and eat all the carbs you want. However, if you do end up pairing your treatments with additional workouts and a healthy diet, this will optimize those results. Regardless of what your body looks like or what you are doing to improve it, make sure to practice self-care. Self-care equals self-love, and that is what’s most important!

For more on practicing self-care through exercise, check out this video.

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