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The Right Face Mask Can Make All The Difference

It is more than likely that we are not going to be mask-free any time soon. The abundance of research out there proves that masks prevent the spread of germs. However, those who are not fans of the current face-mask policies have their justifications. Lots of people complain about not being able to breathe or the fact that the masks are causing them to break out. With the wrong mask, these can definitely become side effects. When something is touching your face this much, you need to know more about what it’s made out of and how effective it is. John Ito, a brand manager from Vast surf apparel, talks with hosts Julia Sun and Philip Michael about what a good face mask consists of.

Face masks need to be effective, affordable and comfortable

Vast is a lifestyle brand founded in Los Angeles, California that originally made surf apparel. Unfortunately, like most companies, they had to re-evaluate their products once the start of the pandemic happened. Ito had the idea that they could start fabricating face masks that are not only comfortable but effective in blocking pathogens. Their masks are made out of Aqua Terra fabric on the inside, which is an anti-bacterial, non-clinging kind of fabric. This face mask won’t cause a rash to appear and reduces the chances of breaking out. Obviously, what is on the inside touching your face matters, but the exterior is just as important. The outside of their masks is tightly woven, water-repelling, synthetic fabric. The tight weave makes the most effective barrier for blocking out pathogens.

Staying protected and getting advice

Trying to stay hopeful in today’s times seems like a much harder task than ever before. Plus, people are getting into hobbies like making their own clothes or masks. These personal projects can really turn into a passion project. Ito talks about how their brand inspires more than just their clothes. Live the life you have and that authenticity will show itself through anything that you do.

For more on staying inspired and healthy, check out this video.

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