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Fighting the Flu with Dr. Jake

In the past, we were lucky enough to debate whether we would be making time for the annual flu shot. However, this year it is imperative for us to get them. Host Pavlina Osta got to chatting with Dr. Jake Deutsch about some important health topics. Dr. Jake is the founder and Clinical Director of Cure Urgent Care in New York City. He has treated thousands of coronavirus cases this year so he has first-hand experience on how bad it can get. According to Dr. Jake getting a flu shot this year is an absolute must. In fact, he said that 2020 is the year to make sure you do not wind up getting the flu. Apparently, people are taking his advice because he claims there has been a large demand for flu vaccination, which is a good sign.

Fighting the flu and what else?

Although it is hard to predict the outcome of the cold and flu season, Dr. Jake is hopeful that the number of flu cases will be low. The higher number of flu shots, the less likely there is to be a spike in flu numbers. Not only that, but people, for the most part, are wearing masks. Regardless of anything, face masks help stop the spread of all germs. Colds, on the other hand, are a little bit more difficult. Everyone is getting exposed to colds on a daily basis. It is almost inevitable to be getting colds, so don’t freak out. Make sure to wash your hands, wear a mask, and get tested if you do think it is more serious than your average cold.

Health tips with Dr. Jake

Besides following the normal health precautions, Dr. Jake has some helpful tips for you! He swears by Epsom salt baths that help with inflammation when you get a cold. Not only does it help relieve tension, but it is also extremely therapeutic. Additionally, magnesium sulfate activates your muscle tension, so it is very effective. This might fall under alternative therapy, but turmeric will be sure to bring some spice to your life. Literally. Dr. Jake says it’s good to have some in handy this time of year so next time you’re grocery shopping buy a bottle and put it in your medicine cabinet.

For more on keeping up with your health, check out this video.

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