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Should Cancel Culture Go After Chris Pratt?

The Avengers would not want to assemble for this one. The internet’s unofficial cancel culture team has decided that Chris Pratt will be their latest target. With the presidential election approaching rapidly, many people are wondering who their favorite stars are voting for. Some celebrities are quite vocal about their political views. For example, Taylor Swift just posted pictures of herself baking some Biden 2020 cookies, which got nearly 3 million likes. On the other hand, some celebrities chose not to be vocal about politics at all. Enter Chris Pratt. Now, since he has decided to not even hint at who he will be voting for, people are rapidly making assumptions. Pratt has never been quiet about his religious beliefs, which somehow means he is a closeted Trump supporter. Is it fair to cancel celebrities based on their religious or political beliefs? Host David Grasso sits down with Turning Point USA’s Isabel Brown and Ryan Adams, the CEO of HZQ Consulting, to discuss this hot potato.

Chris Pratt: Is it fair for him to be dealing with the consequences of saying nothing?

Marvel fans everywhere, unite! Adams, an avid Marvel fan himself, feels like this isn’t too controversial for those that support the franchise and its actors. Adams claims that the people responding to Prattgate are the ones who typically stand up for these actors and what they believe in. Coming from a fanbase perspective, he feels as though this is more a “made-up Twitter fight” than anything else. There is a very high chance that Pratt could be Republican and just not support the current administration. However, especially in times like this, you cannot have one without the other. If someone claims they’re Republican, people automatically assume you’re a Trump supporter. Regardless, every single American, including celebrities, should be able to speak (or not speak) their mind without ramifications.

What about religion?

Brown and Adams agreed on most fronts, especially about how Pratt probably falls into the category that most people do. Pratt’s political ideologies don’t necessarily fit within the two boxes that America has. Instead of explaining this to the public, he chooses to remain silent. However, those who are bringing his religious views into it are going down a rabbit hole that shouldn’t have been dug in the first place. Brown goes on to explain how politics, church and religion are all being forcefully intertwined. However, to expect a person to stop going to a certain church or practicing a specific religion is “just shallow.” At the end of the day, people should start concerning themselves with bigger issues than a celebrity’s personal beliefs.

For more on celebrities in politics, check out this video.

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