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Companies Want Diversity– It’s Time to Start Networking

Who knew the quarantine dream includes knowing how to network? If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that networking is vital. It is important now more than ever to work on your communication skills. How you talk to others, the way you make connections, and the future of your career has a lot to do with networking. Netta Dobbins, the CEO of Mimconnect, has figured it all out so you don’t have to! Whether you’re an unemployed recent college graduate or transitioning from recently losing your job, Dobbins has advice for you that is worth it!

Networking as a way of social justice

Dobbins specifically stated that professionals of color right now really need to come out of the woodwork and talk about the elephant in the room. Conversations surrounding systemic injustices are happening at a daily rate, especially in the workplace. Talking about these hard topics with like-minded people is a necessity that has never been crucial before. Companies actively are seeking people of color in order to gain their perspective. Reaching out to people in the company or even those who know of others that work in said company, is a way not only to network but also to diversify the workplace.

Recruiting and retaining

Although it is important for these companies to hire people of color, does it even matter if they aren’t being listened to? Dobbins points out that knowing who actually practices inclusion versus those who are just faking it can be pretty easy to sniff out. Obviously, the companies that she works with are hiring people of color, but the real catch is making sure they retain these employees. Diversity and inclusivity are always important, but it is even more important to actually listen to those with something to say.

For more on networking, check out this video.

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