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Here’s Why Password Protection Is a Must

Has your smartphone ever asked if you wanted it to remember a password? Have you mindlessly clicked yes? If so, this segment is for you! Host Philip Michael sits down to explain why password protection is so crucial. Not only is it vital for the success of major businesses, but it is just as vital if you’re a freelancer or startup company. These days, companies are relying on Google accounts and Slack as their main source of communication. Although they are extremely user-friendly, they create more susceptibility to getting hacked.

Why password protection and cyber hygiene go hand-in-hand

The best way to keep your data safe is to practice good cyber hygiene. One of the best ways to do that is by securing your passwords. Hackers tend to look for passwords that are left behind in email threads or the autosave feature on Google Chrome or Safari. Even multi-million dollar companies such as Robinhood, the investment app, end up getting hacked. If a major company like that can get hacked, chances are you can, too! The hacker ended up going into their data and changing the balances of several accounts. This ended up as a PR nightmare for Robinhood, and they ended up becoming bankrupt due to all the settlements for this scandal. Don’t let your company get steamrolled by hackers!

Here’s what to do

Have you heard of a password manager? No, not the iCloud password keychain, but an actual management system. One example is a password management company called Bitwarden. Through these sites, you are able to load all of your usernames and passwords into a vault. This vault is protected by a master password that only you know. Once you’re in the vault, Bitwarden can then create strong passwords for every single account that you have linked. These unique passwords end up becoming next to impossible for hackers to figure out. Don’t worry about remembering these insanely lengthy passwords, there’s a feature that does it for you! Another aspect that is extremely helpful is that you can choose with whom you share your passwords. If you are running a business, this means that all of your employees will be able to have access to your accounts and passwords. It might seem like a difficult process, but it is the easiest and most reliable way to protect those passwords!

For more on cybersecurity, check out this video.

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