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Here Are the Top 3 Cybersecurity Tips You NEED to Know

One of the worst notifications to pop up on your phone is the email saying someone has tried to log in to your account on an unknown device. We’ve all been there. Now, what if there was a way to prevent that gut-wrenching feeling? PiiQ’s very own Aaron Barr sits down with host Philip Michael to talk about what you can do to improve your cybersecurity. As a small business owner or an independent entrepreneur, it is vital for your information to be protected. Although it is something we don’t think about too often, hacking has become a huge issue for companies around the world. If these multi-billion dollar businesses can’t even protect themselves, how are you expected to?

Cybersecurity cannot be overlooked

Huge companies are consistently getting hacked. Barr blames the sophistication of our smartphones and their ability to save the passwords to various accounts. When employees log in to their work accounts on their phones, they are blurring the line between work and personal use. Now, it’s something we all do, but the important thing is to remember to log out when you’re done. Now that we’re all working remotely, for the most part, the mixing of everything creates more susceptibility to company accounts getting hacked. Hackers can come even in the form of a suspicious-sounding email. Paying attention to details and using a password protection system is key to helping you protect your business.

Preventing the hacks

For freelancers and startup businesses, here is how you can prevent getting hacked:

  1. Use common sense. If you get a suspicious-looking email or text from an unknown number, use those critical thinking skills and assess the situation. You more than likely will be able to tell a hacker email from a regular email. This will help you protect yourself before you even open the link.
  2. Pay attention to your online practices. Make sure you are using only sites that you know are safe. Do not click on any pop-ups. And just be aware of things that seem out of the ordinary.
  3. Use a password management system. There are multiple companies that specialize in password protection. Do some research to find which one would work best for you and start putting all your passwords in it. It’s a guaranteed way to protect your accounts.

For more on cybersecurity, check out this video.

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