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Let’s Talk Women’s Health and Hygiene

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Everyone remembers those uncomfortable weeks we had in middle school. Learning about bodies for the first time, how to cook the basics, even those robot babies that you had to take home for the weekend. We somehow managed to cover everything except the depths of women’s health and hygiene. Most women don’t even learn about everything that can happen to their bodies until they experience it themselves. Why is that? Why are we taught about how to abstain from sex until marriage, but not how our own bodies work? From Bartholin cysts to the damaging effects of birth control, we know little to nothing until we reach our 20s. It’s time for that to change. Here are some under-known tips and practices to make sure you’re learning everything you need to know. 

How to have proper hygiene

If you have watched TV in the last 10 years, then chances are you have seen a Summer’s Eve commercial. It seems like your normal female-targeted ad for keeping downstairs in tip-top shape. However, what most women do not know is that douching is extremely detrimental to your natural pH balance. The female body was not meant to get cleaned with chemicals in order to truly be “clean.” In fact, women can develop Bartholin cysts because of them. These are extremely common but also extremely painful. It is an abscess on the Bartholin gland that can become infected. What most women do not know is that douching is completely unnecessary. In order to properly clean yourself, all you need to do is hop in the shower and use a washcloth with water. That’s it. These wipes, douches, creams and soaps were made to benefit corporations, not the female body. 

Get to know your body

The best women’s health advice is to regularly see your gynecologist. Be honest and open about your level of knowledge and talk to them about concerns you may have. Birth control is becoming more and more normalized due to the multiple forms they come in. Each and every one of these forms and brands will affect people differently. You need to know the side effects that come with them and choose the best option for you. Some women don’t even want any form of birth control and that is just as OK as wanting birth control. Women need to take charge of their own health and hygiene because we live in a world that doesn’t deem it necessary. Take care of your body, get to know your body and do the research. You will be thankful you did one day. 

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