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Is There a Double Standard in the Media?

Since the start of the new presidential administration, there have been countless conversations surrounding the media and President Joe Biden. Is the media biased? Will they be giving Biden a free pass? The questions are endless, so Bold TV’s David Grasso hosted this particularly interesting Millennial Minute. Turning Point USA contributor Erin Elmore and Democratic strategist Nicole Brener Schmitz sat down to discuss the Biden administration and the media.

Elmore believes that not only Biden but also the entire Democratic Party gets a free pass from the media. On the other hand, Brener Schmitz does not think Biden is getting any sort of pass from the media. The relationship between the president and the media is just different from what we have seen in recent years. 

Does Biden get a free pass?

The inspiration for this particular Millennial Minute came when Biden asked the press corps to submit their questions prior to questioning. The Trump administration had never done that, so some felt like this was unfair. Elmore believes it is just another ploy from the media to make the Democratic Party look better than the Republican Party. She feels as though the media and the Democratic Party are working together.

However, if Donald Trump wanted to carry himself in a manner like this, the option was always available. Trump just did not want to use that to his advantage. Although they are asking questions about favorite ice cream flavors and shoe brands, this does not mean that he’s just getting away with “not talking to the people.” In fact, Brener Schmitz points out that the Trump administration would go weeks upon weeks without holding a press conference. Some argue that this administration would rather have seemingly pointless press conferences over no communication at all. 

What to expect from the media moving forward

In a perfect world, we the people would be able to ask the hard-pressing questions that we demand answers for. However, the world of politics is far from perfect, and the media on both sides is biased.

For more Millennial Minute debates, check out this video! 

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