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Cupid’s Wish List: 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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Shopping for Valentine’s Day is something that most people dread every year. The pressure of getting your significant other something special can be overbearing. But, it doesn’t have to be. We have put together a list of some of the most unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Your partner will feel extremely special, and it won’t break the bank! Check out the video for even more ideas for love day.

1. What the stars look like on the night you met

The Night Sky is an incredible company that can put together a personalized map of the stars. Whether it is the night you met, your first date or even your wedding night, you can have the night sky framed as a moment in time, the moment your story began. 

2. Spotify song plaque

For all the music lovers out there, offers several small business owners that make custom song plaques. You can upload a picture, choose the song title and even modify the timestamp of the song to match the date of an anniversary. Each plaque comes with a Spotify code that matches whatever song you picked. If you have Spotify, you can scan the code, and the song will immediately start playing!

3. Custom silhouette stickers

A great thing about Etsy is the amount of variety it has. The range of artists that create incredible and unique gifts is the perfect place to find some ideas. For example, you can upload a picture of you and your partner and get it made into a minimalist silhouette sticker. We can guarantee it will put a smile on their face. 

4. The everlasting flower

Now these are by far the most expensive gift on this list, but it is worth it. Venus ET Fluer has somehow managed to create everlasting flowers. Not only do they come in a variety of colors and sizes, but they also smell for years to come. They are elegant and beautiful and will definitely make your significant other feel extra special. 

5. 3D Photo Lamp

Something that is trending right now is the 3D photo lamp. This is a silhouette LED picture frame that is created using a picture of your own choosing. They come in various colors and sizes, but regardless, it will be a memorable gift for years to come. 

For more videos on gift ideas, check out this video!

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