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America Without an Electoral College: Will Every Vote Count?

Early voting has started, which means election day is right around the corner. In 2016, President Donald Trump won the election despite not winning the popular vote. This came as a shock for many people, but this isn’t the first time this happened. However, Trump’s victory sparked a debate about the Electoral College system. Should it be dismantled? Is it fair for a president to be elected even if their opponent won the popular vote? Millennial Minute host David Grasso sat down with Erin Elmore from Turning Point USA and Hannah Chatalas from Global Situation Room to discuss.

Life without the Electoral College

In 1804, the 12th Amendment was added to the Constitution laying out the voting process and the Electoral College system. Now, many people feel that this system should be forgotten. However, in order for the Electoral College to be removed, a bill must pass with two-thirds of a majority in each house. Elmore describes this obstacle as a tall order. Chatalas argues that times have changed, and we should look into amending our Constitution, specifically the Electoral College system. She claims 61% of those are in favor of abolishing it and 68% of independents say they support the removal.

Does every vote count?

The Electoral College system can discourage voters from submitting their ballots. If a state typically leans left or right, voters from the opposing party may feel that their vote won’t count. It also can have another effect: voters may feel that they don’t need to vote because they know their state always aligns with their party. Elmore warns that if we get rid of this system, only states like New York and California will matter. Chatalas says we can replace the system and make everyone’s voices heard. What do you think? Should we get rid of the Electoral College system? Write to us on social media and let us know!


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