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It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Food Waste!

We’re all guilty of wasting food. Sadly, the United States is the leader in global food waste. According to a recent study, Americans discard nearly 40 million tons of food each year. How can we make better changes in the new year? Jaden Hair, the founder of Steamy Kitchen, joined Bold Life to discuss this important issue and share helpful tips.

Why are we wasting food?

Spoiled food is the number one contributor to food waste in America. But other contributing factors are misunderstanding expiration labels, buying more food than needed and tossing out leftovers. These careless mistakes can have long-lasting effects on our Earth. Hair says we should put time aside to conduct a kitchen detox. 

It’s time for a kitchen detox

A kitchen detox is the best way to help the cause and get your kitchen in order. Not only does it organize your kitchen, but it also gives you a clear idea of what products are essential.

  1. Take inventory. Clean your fridge and pantry and take inventory of your groceries. This way you’ll know exactly what food you need to buy and cut down on unnecessary spending. 
  2. Label your groceries with its expiration date. Expiration dates are hard to find. Write them on masking tape; then, place it on the product. By doing this beforehand, it’ll give you a clear view on when the product should be used.
  3. Label your groceries with meal ideas. Come up with three to four recipes that have flexible ingredients. For instance, tacos and rice bowls can be made with chicken, veggies, fish, etc. These recipes always can serve as your go-to meals, which will prevent waste. But by switching the ingredients, you’ll never get tired of them!

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