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Three Black-Owned Home Decor Brands: Add These to Your List

Society has moved into a work-from-home culture. People quickly made office space in their apartments; plus, parents had to create additional setups for their kids’ virtual learning. Interior design is something everybody had to think about this past year. It’s more important than ever to have a home that’s pleasing to your eye. Bold TV’s Shaysayss shared three Black-owned home decor brands that can add something new to your space.

1. Sustainable Home Goods

This brand sells sustainable home decor products while supporting ethical craftsmanship. LaToya Tucciarone’s mission is to create a sustainable world through the products her company sells. Sustainable Home Goods partners with artisans worldwide who are dedicated to improving their communities through eco-friendly and ethical methods. From jewelry to kitchen goods, they have products for just about every category. 

2. Expedition Subsahara

This shop features authentic handmade Senegalese goods. If you need extra storage, their popular woven baskets are perfect, according to the reviews. They also sell woven bins, placement sets, shopping baskets and more. The founder, Sofi Seck, didn’t like that African art is usually minimized to poverty. She wanted to celebrate Senegalese craftsmanship while telling a story that doesn’t focus on African poverty. 20% of each sale from Expedition Subsahara goes to building a girls’ STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematic) school in Senegal. 

3. Curves by Sean Brown

Sean Brown creates fun, artsy pieces that’ll grab anybody’s attention. His most popular piece is the CD rug. Brown took albums that inspired him and turned them into handmade rugs: They mimic the album disks from projects by Jay-Z, The Beatles, Sade and more. They’re the perfect way to personalize your home decor.

The space around you can reflect how you feel. Now that we’re home more often, we should really take time and add elements to our home that will make us happy. Start thinking about what your place needs and go from there!

For more on Black-owned businesses, check this out.

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