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Alena Galan’s Backstory Before She Was On “sMothered”

Have you heard of TLC’s “sMothered”? The reality show features close-knit mother and daughter relationships. And there’s no surprise why Alena Galan and her mother Marcia were chosen to be on the show. The mother-daughter duo favor one another, have the same mannerisms and even say things simultaneously. They quickly became fan favorites of the show and constantly are recognized in the street. Alena and Marcia joined Bold Life to discuss Alena’s showbiz experience and plans for the future. 

Alena Galan’s beginning

Alena knew she wanted to be in the entertainment industry at a young age. She was born in Russia and at the age of three and was adopted by Marcia. A few years later, she was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder known as MPS 6. Despite growing up with this genetic disorder, Alena used that to motivate herself to greater heights. Now, she’s a Quinnipiac University graduate and has been on “The X Factor” and now “sMothered.”

Experience in show biz

On top of being a reality star, Alena is also a singer-songwriter. At eight years old, she sang live on stage at Radio City Music Hall. Then, at the age of 13, she auditioned for “The X Factor” and made the final 500. By age 18, she performed at Carnegie Hall — a clear sign she should be in entertainment. 

Using a platform to inspire others

Alena wants her story to inspire others. Even though the doctors told her she faced a possibility of early death, it didn’t stop her. She became a go-getter and kept a positive attitude. She continues to audition for gigs, and even if the outcome isn’t the best, she still looks at it as a win. In the future, she plans to further her singing career and eventually wants her own reality show, inspiring others to be fearless and chase their dreams.

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