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John Cena Releases New Book

john cena releases childrens book
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Elbow Grease: Fast Friends by John Cena is coming soon! On Sept. 29, fans across the world will be able to go to stores or purchase the book online. This is his third children’s book, and it is going to show you so many lessons that can be carried in your own life as well.  He wants kids and others to know and to learn to never give up and to always keep going even when times get tough.

Personalized videos for fans

Many fans around the world could pre-order the book and receive a personalized video from the man himself! But for you to get a video from him, you need to show proof of purchase —  whether that is screenshotting and sending the receipt to the website or taking a picture of the receipt and posting it that way. It does take time to get the video, but it is worth it. Fans all over the country and the world got a big smile on their faces when they received their videos and immediately posted them to social media to thank Cena for the video and that they are so excited to get the book.

John Cena inspiring the youth

Cena has been a fan favorite for years, whether that’s conquering the ring in WWE or kicking butt in his movies. By making these videos and showing that he is truly appreciative and grateful for all the support he has been getting from the book has inspired him to continue inspiring the younger generation to never give up and to always fight for their dreams. He also inspires kids and adults around the world to be better and always to rise above hate. So don’t forget to grab his new book so you can get a video and be a part of his book-writing journey!

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