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The Future Is Here: What Is Aspiration Bank?

When it comes to banking, do you know where your money is going? David Grasso and Julia Sun from Bold TV sat down with Alex Pomeroy, the co-founder of AGO Partners and a founding investor in Aspiration, to discuss how banks can be conscious and value-driven. When it comes to his own bank, they try to match the person and their product with something that they are passionate about. Aspiration is a bank that wants its customers to see the impact that they can make with their money.

Why aren’t other banks focused on climate change and sustainability?

For banks, it can be difficult to change the way they have been operating due to long-term partners, investments down the road and the great effects on their bottom line. Big banks like JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley are hindered when they try to enter a domain like Aspiration due to their complexity and size.

How can we make sure our banks are doing everything they promised?

Today, everything has become a branding deal, especially during times like this when everything is a marketing ploy to draw people in. The difference between many banks and Aspiration is that the latter didn’t wake up one morning and think, “OK, I’m going to start caring about this and that.” Aspiration has been on this mission since day one. You know when you are banking with them that you will absolutely see your money make a difference. For the future, when it comes to banking, make sure that your bank is sticking to the same values that you hold.


To learn more about finding an ethical bank, check this out.

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