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We Should Watch These 3 Entrepreneurs in 2021!

With the year 2020 coming to an end and maybe giving us some light and excitement, Philip Michael from Bold TV shares his top picks of entrepreneurs we should look out for in 2021! We are excited to ring in the new year by looking forward to what these people have in store.

1. Brian Chesky

Chesky is the CEO of Airbnb. Of course, when the pandemic hit, travel and leisure shut down. As you might know, Airbnb struggled throughout this time, especially when seeking different revenue streams. The whole world shut down, and they had to make some tough decisions, ultimately going $1 billion in debt to stay afloat. Now, fast forward to December; they went public! They had a $30-$40 billion valuation, and they ended up at $100 billion-plus. We shall see if they can keep up with this momentum and if travel comes back to its former glory.

2. Jay-Z (Shawn Carter)

Jay-Z recently became the Chief Visionary Officer of the cannabis SPAC (special purpose acquisition company) Subversive Capital Acquisition Corp. A SPAC is a company created to raise capital through an IPO and then buy an existing company. Jay-Z is so successful with other business ventures and his music career that whatever he touches turns into gold. But why cannabis? It’s a fast-growing industry. Let’s see what he does in 2021!

3. Sandeep Mathrani

How will Mathrani, CEO of WeWork, help fix a company that was already struggling with its core service? Before, WeWork was branching out into residential living and education, creating a we-universe. Now, Mathrani wants to get to work with WeWork and double down on only one job. One thing that makes him stand out is that he used to be the CEO of a publicly-traded real estate investment trust. So with his previous experience, who knows what will happen and how he will revolutionize this company.

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