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Dherbs Can Cleanse Your Body: The Ultimate Guide to a Healthier You!

We are cleansing in the season, especially with the start of a new year. It’s a perfect time to cleanse your body. After being noticed by the Steve Harvey show, A.D. Dolphin wanted to focus on cleansing products for his customers. Oni Higgins from Bold Life sat down with the Dherbs founder to discuss how to cleanse and some misconceptions about the process. 

Biggest misconceptions of body cleansing

The two biggest misconceptions of body cleansing are that you must drink some weird mixture and starve yourself, which is not the case here. Dherbs has more than 400 products to help your body get the right balance. And they want you to have a healthy cleanse that goes along with a healthy diet, which will lead you to become happier with yourself! If you keep up with their cleanse, not only will it make you feel better, but you’ll also notice that you’re losing weight and seeing significant changes in energy level. Your body will finally work the way it should.

It’s all about having a healthy lifestyle

There is a story behind Dolphin’s company. When making these the right cleansing formula, he and his family felt it was their duty to help change the culture. 42% of the African-American community suffer from high blood pressure, and 38% have diabetes, too. This motivated him and his family to come up with a way to tell people how to eat, what to eat and what you need to do to prevent these conditions and ultimately heal the body.

To buy Dherb products, go to and follow them on Instagram!

And for more on diet and health, check this out.

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