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What’s Next for Social Media After This Censorship Controversy?

social media, censorship
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It seems like this year will be the new era for social media, with companies banning users and pulling their servers from Parler. But how responsible are these social media platforms for what has currently happened in our country? Is this censorship?

Social media power

Parler, a Twitter alternative that was big on free speech, had its big server taken off the platform over the weekend, and now the platform is gone. You can’t even get onto it on your phone or your laptop because Amazon took down the platform from its server, and Google and Apple took Parler out of its app stores. So, what’s next for social media platforms? Will Section 230 allow them to just ban the user and not be held accountable for what the people are saying on their platforms? Whatever the case is here, we all need to be held responsible and be careful of how we say things on social media platforms to prevent violence or anything dangerous from happening again.

New era of social media

Social media is a powerful tool for people and companies around the world. How can we use Section 230 to turn around and make social media a better place for the users and the companies that help operate these platforms? Who knows what the future holds for social media and people’s approach to posting things to whatever platform they use. Will we be seeing changes to Section 230? What is next for social media in 2021 and future years to come?

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