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Olympic Hurdler Becomes Real Estate Mogul

In this edition of featured entrepreneur, we hear from former Olympian athlete and now real estate mogul Lavonne Idlette. In this conversation with our host Philip Michael, Idlette discusses how you can get into real estate and build a portfolio.

How it started

Idlette always has been around the real estate business, with her grandfather owning his own company and her father being a developer. Back when she was a child, she was always in the office watching and helping within the family business! After college, she decided to flip condos in Miami. Then, she went off to do something we all wish we could do: compete in the Olympics! Fun fact, while she was in the Olympics, she started her own mortgage company with her father! How cool is that?

Helping others get involved

When it comes to new people getting involved in the real estate business, they may not know where to start. When working with professional athletes, Idlette realized that many of them asked her questions on what they should do with their portfolios. So, this experienced real estate mogul broke it down, from how they wanted to impact their communities to risk-adjusted returns. Her guidance led people to get involved in commercial real estate and understand what real estate how the business works.

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