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Surfacide Disinfecting Robots: This Is Super Cool!

Welcome back to another edition of Bold in the Know with Shaysayss! With everything that has happened with the coronavirus, we can all agree that we desperately need things to be getting back to normal, especially with summertime right around the corner. In this segment, Shay sat down with Gunner Lyslo, the founder and CEO of Surfacide, to discuss his disinfecting robots and how they work!

How do these robots work?

Surfacide robots work with a UV-C disinfecting system that eliminates and prevents any deadly pathogens from entering the area. How cool is that? So, not only are you making it a safer environment by getting rid of dangerous germs, but you are using this excellent, innovative tech. These robots can be helpful for hospitals to get rid of the germs to keep the patients and health care workers safe during this pandemic. 

Could these robots go anywhere other than hospitals?

The answer to this question is yes! Although they primarily work in the health care sphere, these disinfecting robots can go into bars, clubs and other social gathering areas. They’ve even worked at Fenway Park in Boston! So, we may be able to go back to our favorite hot spots sooner rather than later with their help. Now, for those wondering if these robots can enter our homes, you might not be able to get this robot into your house anytime soon, but the possibility is there in the future.

Are you down with the idea of these robots being used to help prevent the spread of viruses?Let us know in the comments.

For more cool cleaning tech, check this out.

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