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Are Unpaid Internships Too Old School? Should They Still Be a Thing?

In this Millennial Minute debate, we are talking about unpaid internships. Should they still be a thing, or should we get rid of them altogether? At the beginning of their chosen careers, most recent graduates will land either a paid or unpaid internship as their entry-level job. Even though interns get good experience, it’s always nice to get a little incentive for hard work. So, we had to ask — Should unpaid internships be outlawed? Let’s see what our commentators AJ Swinson and Georgia Gilholy think about this pressing topic.

Unpaid internships work.

AJ Swinson landed an unpaid internship in Congress as a press secretary and communications director. She put in the hard work. Of course, she would have loved to get paid, and, of course, most companies should pay their interns. But she thinks that companies need to be productive as much as possible. Swinson also believes that unpaid internships are more beneficial than paid ones. Yes, it’s hard work either way, but at the same time, you might be able to achieve a paid position at that company in the long run.

There are other ways to support yourself financially.

Gilholy didn’t work in Congress, but she had a similar experience to Swinson. And she believes companies should find another incentive to give to their interns. Outlawing all unpaid internships will hurt the fresh graduate was well as the company, which might not be able to afford to pay their interns. Also, unpaid interns can financially support themselves by getting another job or getting a loan. Even if they were paid, they might not be paid well and will be forced to find another job anyway.

Do you think unpaid interns should be outlawed, or do you think there are other ways people can financially support themselves?

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