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This LA Clinic Is a Powerhouse in the Affordable Health Care Industry

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Los Angeles has a growing homeless and foster care issue and a lot of people are stuck with poor health because of it. Talitha Phillips is the CEO of Claris Health, and she shares her desire to help these people with the Bold TV studio. Phillips provides affordable health care and sexual health services for the homeless and under-fortunate populations in Los Angeles. This sort of outreach is absolutely necessary to give people the help they need to get back on their feet.

Giving Affordable Health Care To Those Who Need It

Claris Health offers a wide array of services for these people of Los Angeles. They are focused around sexual health, but they span from sexual wellness, pre-conception counseling, pregnancy testing and prenatal care. Taking care of these health issues gives an unlimited amount of benefits and healthier births reduce the rates of postpartum depression. Phillips takes a holistic approach and focuses on the mind, body and soul of her patients.

Affordable Health Care

Overcoming Obstacles To Provide Help

Providing these services has proved to be difficult for Phillips at times. It’s hard enough to provide affordable health care, but a lot of her patients face additional barriers. She counters this with 200 community partners who help her serve around Los Angeles. A lot of her patients can’t make it into the clinic either because they have a lack of transportation, an addiction or a type of mental illness that prevents them from doing so. To combat this, Phillips has a mobile clinic that takes her services to her patients. Phillips then dives into why so many millennials are having trouble starting families in today’s society. On top of sexual health programs, many find it difficult due to the high cost of living and the cost of childcare for two working parents. They also struggle to pay for schooling and their child’s healthcare.

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