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A Coffee Company That Will Deliver On A Motorcycle

Aleksey Kernes is Bold TV’s featured entrepreneur for the unique branding around his coffee company, “Have a Nice Day.” Kernes has his target audience in line and brings his life’s passions into his work. His entire company was founded on positivity and a jovial spirit. This energy trickles down into every facet of his work and is the core value in his company.

A blend dedicated to a dog

Kernes’ branding is what makes his coffee company stand out. The first branding technique that stood out was how he dedicated a blend to his dog, a Shiba Inu, who joins him in the studio! He chose this to symbolize the joy that animals bring us in life. They bring comfort and companionship that is unmatched from human companions. By releasing a line of coffee inspired by his dog, he instills the positive values upon which his company was founded.

Coffee delivery on a motorcycle

Another way Kernes brings his life values into his work is by incorporating his love for motorcycling. In the early stages of his company, he delivered his products via motorcycle. He loves the camaraderie that is found in the motorcycle community, and he made that a part of his business model. Not only does he have blends dedicated to the motorcycle community, but his company also offers on-demand coffee delivery via motorcycle! He is in the process of getting all of his drivers to be on a motorcycle so he can continue to have his core life values shine through his company. The joy and connection to the road is something he feels strongly about and wants his target audience of the motorcycle community to feel that they have a brand that aligns with their values.

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