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Danny Cortenraede Scores Big by Connecting Athletes and Fans on Social Media

The sports entertainment industry has rapidly changed since the introduction of social media. Audiences are closer to their favorite sports heroes now more than ever. This is a two-way street, as athletes now can develop stronger relationships with their fans. Danny Cortenraede, a serial entrepreneur and investor as well as the founder of Wannahaves, sits down with Bold TV’s Sam Bloomquist to discuss the current state of the sports entertainment industry and his massive digital sports platform 433.

Bringing the athletes closer to the fans on social media

Cortenraede wants to bridge the gap between the athletes and the fans. He works with some of the biggest brands in sports, including Puma, Adidas and Nike to give athletes more financial opportunities in the process. His platform, 433, is the largest digital sports platform in the world and is focused around the sport of soccer, or football as they call it in Europe. This platform is a gateway for fans to reach out to their favorite athletes. They don’t ask the difficult questions of why or why not they performed in a game. Instead, Cortenraede wants the audience to know who these players are off the field and in the locker room.

Blending sports and entrepreneurship

Cortenraede is first and foremost an entrepreneur. He is passionate about both sports and business, and by blending them together, he finds happiness and a sense of accomplishment. The competition aspect of sports lines up with his drive. It keeps him motivated as a serial entrepreneur and investor. He discusses how soccer is underrepresented in both the United States and the global sports entertainment industry and is working to close the gap between soccer and other major sports. By bringing the entire community together on his platform, he hopes that he can boost the experience not only for the fans but the athletes as well.


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