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From Left to Right, the Best Millennial Minute Debates of 2020

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Our Millennial Minute debates find common ground among different perspectives. Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, a liberal, a conservative or something in between, we all have overlapping opinions on policy issues. Here is a collection of our best Millennial Minutes from the year 2020. We hope they open your eyes to views beyond your own.

1. “Chris Pratt on politics: Does the world need to know his opinion?

Should celebrities be sharing their political opinions? After a meaningless Internet game, Chris Pratt fell victim to the Twitter world, revealing him to be a conservative. But why does this matter? Do celebrities who try to sway political opinions impact how people vote? We debate whether celebrities should be sharing or trying to influence their fans’ political beliefs. Click here to watch.

2. “Who’s Better for the Economy: Democrats or Republicans?

With the election ramping up in 2020, we talked about how voters would be impacted financially by each candidate. Each Republican and Democratic candidate has their unique platform, and we debate who is a better fit for what the country needs right now. Some people think Republicans are better financially, but does this ring true during a pandemic? Do Democrats bring too many taxes, or are they funding necessary programs? Click here to watch.

3. “Is the Stock Market Important to the Average American?

The stock market weighs heavily on the U.S. economy, but a study by Gallup found that only 55% of Americans said they own stocks. So that begs the question, does the average American think the stock market matters? With investing apps like Robinhood and Acorns coming into the fold, it’s easier now to buy stocks. Will this change how we invest, and whether more people get involved? Click here to watch.

4. “What’s Going on in Georgia? Things Are Getting Messy.”

Is there possible voter fraud in Georgia? There were a lot of discrepancies with the current voting system, and overall it needs reform. The pandemic affected all of our lives in many ways, and the election was undoubtedly one of them. We discuss what exactly is happening in Georgia and how we can fix it. Click here to watch.

5. “Should China Be Held Responsible?

The pandemic was by far the biggest headline of 2020. We all had to find different ways to persevere against a never-before-seen situation. But who is to blame? Should China be held responsible for the spread of the virus? Or is this issue on the shoulders of everyone because we were unable to slow down its spread? Is it fair to blame anyone in particular? Click here to watch.

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