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Cancel Culture & Social Media: Could I Lose My Job?

Social media has become a large part of everyone’s life ever since the early days of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As social media becomes something everyone posts to and watches daily, a concerning question has come to fruition: Could I lose my job for something that I post? Of course, posting offensive or hurtful content is never OK, but you can have opinions that differ from your employer. Often, the line is blurred for what your job may see as an acceptable social media presence. But why does this matter? Max Burns, a Democratic strategist, and Alexandra Hudson, a St. Martin’s Press author, sit down to debate whether social media posts should impact your job. 

Companies are focused on their image

Now more than ever, companies are concerned about their social media brand. It can be a major source of income and an easy way for companies to reach their customers. Therefore, employees are shuffled under the overarching umbrella of their company’s brand — many times, what you post impacts directly how the public perceives your employer. Practicing discretion, common sense and not acting out of extreme emotion can help you avoid posting something you might regret. On the other hand, not all companies may feel that your positing has that much impact.

Does this impede freedom of expression?

But what happens to Freedom of Speech? Does your employer have the right to determine what is appropriate for you to say in a public setting? Yes, they are impacted if you are viewed negatively by a large audience, but if you come to work every day and complete your tasks in a timely manner, why does social media have to play a role in how you are viewed in the workplace? Each office has to manage personalities, and social media brings these personalities to the surface. Should employers be able to censor an employee with differing opinions?

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