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Is Free Speech a Victim of Cancel Culture?

How can we define free speech? The First Amendment is one of the most sacred rules of the United States throughout history. It alone has created revolutions, given people the power to express their views and created change in our overall society. It always has been a belief that we should express ourselves — no matter the context — if we see injustice in the world. Social media, cultural norms and perspective changes have all attributed to making freedom of speech much more ambiguous. In this episode of the Millennial Minute, we discuss whether freedom of speech has become a victim of the cancel culture.

Is “free speech” truly free?

Was speech ever completely free to begin with? There always have been things we aren’t allowed to say. Even though that list is expanding as time moves along, does that mean our personal opinions are getting censored? There’s still a way to express yourself by using new social norms that prevent people from getting offended by hateful speech or being susceptible to mass criticism. It is our responsibility as human beings to evolve with time and be more conscious of the world around us. We aren’t getting censored. We are just learning more as time goes along.

Getting fired for old social media posts

But social media adds an intriguing element to the equation. You now can be taken out of context from something you posted years ago that was harmless at the time but now seems very offensive. That doesn’t mean you should lose your job based on what you post. You should not be discriminated against in any field if you carry out all your job tasks efficiently despite having contradicting views from your employer. Your career is one thing, and your personal life is another. See where Autry Pruitt and Nate Lerner land on this issue in this week’s Millennial Minute. 

For more debates on free speech and social media, check this out.

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