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Do Big Businesses Play by Different Rules?

Do large corporations receive special treatment in certain states and with some regulations? Or are we just upset that some companies are winners while others are losers? Max Burns and Autry Pruitt dive into the ways that big businesses skirt standard guidelines in this edition of the Millennial Minute.

Are they for or against the little guy?

Can we trust that big businesses will look out for the little guy? As you see with what’s going on in the stock market with GameStop, Robinhood and the hedge funds, these larger companies are siding with big business. They often find ways to avoid paying their taxes while cutting deals with governments that bribe them to bring their companies to specific local economies. This causes a ripple effect that gives them way too much power in the marketplace. They are essentially writing their own business rules, and anytime something doesn’t fit their plan, they change the rules instead of their methods. Can we ever trust that we live in a truly fair market if these things can happen?

[And] anytime something doesn’t fit their plan, they change the rules instead of their methods.

Is capitalism fair?

But is capitalism fair? If someone has succeeded to the point where they are offered preferential deals, isn’t that attributed to their success? Is being too good at business unfair? Adding more government regulations will not promote entrepreneurship; it will crush it. It will make it virtually impossible for small companies and entrepreneurs to get off the ground while the big guys somehow find a way around it once again. The only way to fix the system is to support small businesses and invest your money in companies that can make a difference. Amazon and Walmart found this success because we, as consumers, gave them our money.

How do you think we can prevent big businesses from getting preferential treatment? Is it time to start rallying around the little guy? Find out in this week’s edition of the Millennial Minute.

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