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Adrienne Smith Speaks About the Power of Football

Football touches our lives in many ways. Some people use it to connect, and others use it as a driving force and motivation for living their lives. Adrienne Smith does a little of both. She is a wide receiver for the Boston Renegades, an actress in Orange Is the New Black and creator of the football-based card game “Blitz Champz.” She has blazed trails for women in football, television and business.

Lessons learned from the playing field

Smith always had loved football and uses it to fuel her entrepreneurial journey. From making the team with the Boston Renegades to creating her own business, the athletic mindset that she learned from football has shown her that she has the drive to achieve anything she wants. Whether it’s on the playing field or in her everyday life, the lessons she’s pulled from football help her every day. She wants to give more people the chance to get involved with football and learn these lessons for themselves. 

Blitz Champz for kids

Smith also uses football to connect to children. Her card game “Blitz Champz” teaches children math, English and basic learning skills through football. It also helps them become more acquainted with the game.

How football survived in the past year

The National Football League and several other sports leagues have been in a weird place over the last year, but nearly all of them have found a way to thrive because people rely on these leagues. They supply jobs to millions of employees, give groups of people a common interest to establish a community and create bonds that we as a society keep for decades. Watching football over the last year has been a cathartic experience for myself and many other football fans. The game gives you something to look forward to amidst all the surrounding chaos. 

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