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Should We Be Moving On to the Next President?

A new president sits in the White House, but much of America is still caught up in reprimanding former President Donald Trump for allegedly inciting riots at the Capitol building. There’s a weird balance between “Stop it, you’ve already won” and “We need to learn from our mistakes” going on between parties right now. Erin Elmore and Max Burns air out how they believe we as a country should respond to what’s happening with the impeachment trial.

Isn’t it time to move on?

The Democrats have won the presidency, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Isn’t that enough? Society already has decided to take power away from the Republican Party and give it to the Democrats in this past election. Shouldn’t they just be happy? Coming down too hard on the Republican Party as a whole will come with many consequences and further divide the gap in the party system. Not all Republicans voted for Trump, not all Trump supporters are bad and Trump is no longer president. What more can an impeachment trial against a civilian in Florida solve?

What if we move on too quickly?

But if we move on too quickly, we won’t set the right precedents to make sure something like this never happens again. If you believe Trump incited the riots at the Capitol building, then he should be held liable for the damage that was done. He should not get his pension, his salary or his Secret Service. If we just move on with no consequences, then how can we make sure people who take office in the future also will be held accountable?

We have more questions

That is where the issue lies. Is there solid evidence that Trump incited the riots? Have we already corrected the issue by electing Democrats to the White House, Senate and House of Representatives? What more needs to be done? Are we dwelling too much on the past or setting examples for the future? Find out on this episode of Millennial Minute.

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