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Streaming Is Starting to Seem Like … Cable?

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Is anyone else having déjà vu? With Roku’s latest acquisition of Quibi’s library, they plan to make more original content rather than solely being a platform to stream other channels. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

The evolution of Netflix

In the old days, Netflix would only mail you DVDs. Then, you could watch your favorite shows all in one place. After gaining so much popularity on their app, they decided to start producing their own shows. Other networks saw their success and started pulling their shows off Netflix and building their own streaming apps. Now, instead of having one, maybe two accounts to watch all of your shows, you have to get Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney +, Peacock, YouTube TV, Facebook Watch and so on. 

Are we reverting back to the cable model?

Are we doomed to fall back into the same model we had with cable? I remember watching three different TV channels growing up, but my mom’s TV had more than 1,000 different channels to choose from. She paid for an expensive package that I barely used once I got Netflix. I think the massive surge in streaming platforms will make cable a thing of the past. But are we going to be buying every channel anyway? 

Subscriptions add up

It may not seem like a lot at first. A Peacock Premium account is only $5 per month right now. But remember back in the day when Netflix was $7? Now, their most popular plan is $18 per month. Hulu, Disney + and HBO all recently have hiked up their prices lately as well. Once they hook you in with the initial offer, their prices will continue to inch upward until you’re paying more per month than you ever were with cable. 

We’ve seen it all before

What was once widely acknowledged as a cheaper way to enjoy your favorite shows is quickly becoming an expensive library packed with excess content you’ll never watch. Sound familiar?

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