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Is Mark Zuckerberg Trying to Tell Us Something?

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The eternal battle between Facebook and misinformation continues. For some reason, Mark Zuckerberg seems averse to using Facebook as a news platform. But with his recent actions, is he trying to get an even larger message across?

Facebook has decided to flag all content containing misinformation around climate change and direct users to more reliable sources in the past few days. On top of that, Facebook also opted to remove all types of news content from its platform in Australia to avoid paying media outlets for their sources.  

Zuckerberg has argued that the best way to keep misinformation from spreading is to direct people to authorized sources and discourage misleading posts. He is using this belief when flagging climate change posts, much like he did with the 2020 election and COVID-19 information. But can he really stop people from talking about the news on social media?

Facebook wasn’t intended to be a news source.

Why is Zuckerberg holding the door shut on news? I don’t think he ever intended for Facebook, or social media in general, to be a resource for people to obtain their news. His original intent for the website was to connect people in a social setting. Now, people run their businesses, record content, publish articles and hold events through Facebook.

Can we have social media without news?

What’s going on in the world always will be a popular topic of discussion. And if social media is meant for socializing, news and politics are bound to pop up. Can we really have social media without news? On top of that, is it the platform’s responsibility to make sure we are well-informed? With posting tags and attempting to stop the spread of misinformation, Facebook is bound to show some bias whether they want to or not. In any case, the spread of misinformation can only be stopped by individuals checking their sources and making sure what they’re posting is based on facts.

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