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American Flag Football League – It’s a Game-Changer

If you are anything like me, you are starving for some football right now. We’re in the dead zone after the draft, where we imagine how great or horrible our favorite teams’ season might be. The XFL was a nice little fix until it was wiped out during the pandemic. However, before it went under, it garnered a huge following from people hungry for more football. Could another league be pushing for that spot in the NFL’s off months? Jeff Lewis sat down with Bold TV host Philip Michael to talk about his American Flag Football League.

American Flag Football League

Lewis is the league founder and is pushing to be that stand-in for NFL fans in the spring and summer. Flag football is a varied version of football, where you rip flags off from a player’s belt instead of tackling the ball carrier. It is easier on the athlete’s bodies and often offers a faster pace because no one is weighed down by pads, and you can load the field with more speed players. 

Equal pay for men and women

Lewis is not trying to replace the NFL but rather become its compliment. Several issues around the NFL could be addressed with different infrastructure, and Lewis is hoping to provide a template for their solutions. For example, the American Flag Football League has offered equal pay for men and women from day one.

Lewis is doing his best to make an even playing field for all those pursuing a career in the business of sports. Diversity and equality have always been an issue in the sports world. Whether it’s a sport involving men or women, the league staff deserves an equal chance to advance their careers.

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