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Are Other Social Media Platforms Trying to Outdo Tiktok?

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Social media platforms have always had it out for each other. Maybe it’s just because TikTok is the new kid in school, but it seems like everyone’s ganging up on them. Since breaking out as one of the second most downloaded apps in 2020 and the most downloaded app of 2021 so far, TikTok has quickly become one of the favorite social media platforms for younger generations. And when you rise to the top that fast, you’re bound to make some enemies.

TikToks vs. Reels

TikTok videos are unwanted on other forms of social media. For example, Instagram actively suppresses any TikTok video posted to a feed or a story. Instead, they’d prefer you to use their version of short-form video content in Reels. And it’s the same thing with Facebook, which owns Instagram. They’d rather market their own products than build up the video assets of a competitor.

TikToks vs. YouTube Shorts

YouTube is the newest platform putting out a TikTok look-alike. Recently, they’ve launched YouTube Shorts. It’s their version of the short-form video experience, but you can additionally take advantage of the biggest music library on the internet. Having this type of audio flexibility is something that TikTok, Instagram and other look-alike social products can’t do. 

Competition in social media

So why is everyone rushing to one-up TikTok? We’ve always seen social media platforms copy each other’s functions. Snapchat was the first to come out with stories — temporary videos or images that you can post on your profile for all of your followers to see. Three years later, Instagram came out with stories. Now you can find them on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. When there is a good idea, someone will always try to outdo it. Is it competition or a revolving door?

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