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Aaron Rodgers & Mental Health: Why Won’t the Media Give Him Time?

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Every single day for the last several months, ESPN has run a story about Aaron Rodgers. Why? Nobody knows where Rodgers, MVP quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, will be playing next season. Quite frankly, I don’t think he does either, but I don’t need to be yet another person speculating. And that’s the issue I want to talk about: Rodgers doesn’t want to focus on his decision at the moment. Instead, he revealed in a press conference that he’s been taking time to work on his mental health. So, why has the media continued to harp on what’s going on with the former Super Bowl Champion?

Rodgers wants a break from the limelight.

Rodgers has said he isn’t dealing with any bouts of depression or anything of that nature. He is just trying to remain out of the limelight, similar to what Naomi Osaka wanted to do when she avoided media responsibilities at the French Open. Too much media exposure can be harmful to your mental health. Instead of allowing Rodgers his privacy, sports media outlets continue to run stories. They are constantly speculating about where he is signing, the conflict between him and team management, and if he should just hang it up if he’s not happy. And they’re making all of this noise despite not receiving any new developments on the story. 

The media adds pressure.

This type of constant media exposure adds pressure to a decision of that magnitude. Rodgers has already said he is not happy in Green Bay. He has had a falling out with several staff members and contemplates whether or not he’d be happier elsewhere. Of course, all of these comments could be negotiation tactics. Or it could be his way of further expressing discontent with the organization not letting him be a part of the team’s drafting process. Or he could just be someone faced with a tough decision, and he can’t get a minute alone to go through his thoughts.

Person over story

Sure, Aaron Rodgers may enjoy being in the limelight. He was in the recent installment of “The Match,” a competition where he teamed up with Brycen DeChambeau on the golf course. Rodgers also had a stint on “Jeopardy!” as the host. But adding media pressure to a difficult decision where a player has said he is unhappy and needs to focus on his mental health isn’t right. Media outlets need to place higher importance on a player’s mental well-being. 

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